Winter House Survey – How Should Your Property Look?

Winter House Survey – How Should Your Property Look?

Winter House Survey – How Should Your Property Look? It’s that time of year again where we get storms, snow and our famous winter weather. In Northern Ireland we are very used to windy and wet conditions which causes damage to our property. In this article we explain the benefits of having an expert property surveyor look over your home or business premises this winter.

Winter Weather Problems

The constant stream of acid rain and winter frost can damage roof tiles and exterior brickwork, not to mention other building fabric. Unfortunately the homeowner may only notice when it starts to affect the inside of the home. Leaks and damp issues are usually when a surveyor is called out to investigate. It is always better to check early and remedy any problems found before they become worse (and more expensive to repair).

Snow sitting on your roof for long periods can also cause damage and cracks. Again most property owners are not aware of this until they get a leak and no one likes going up onto the roof to check, especially in winter!

We can take care of this for you. All of our surveys are carried out no matter what the weather. We pay extra attention to all of the checks we do and you can rest assured that after a home survey, you will know if anything is required (or not).

Isn’t The Roof Designed For Snow?

A popular question indeed! Yes in modern buildings roof structures are designed to bear wind load and heavy snowfall but there are many factors to consider. In older properties heavy snowfall can cause stress to supporting timbers and so a roof can show signs of bowing, depending on the design. Not only this, it can penetrate tiles and cause cracks and fractures and gain entry to internal timbers.

During our extensive checks, we look in the loft space for signs of penetration, damp and wet or dry rot. We also check the structure to make sure it is doing it’s job properly. Your safety is our concern.

Property Surveys – No Stone Left Unturned

With our property surveys across Northern Ireland. No stone is left unturned. We can check everything, inside and out! From chimney stacks, to pipes in the loft, brickwork to windows, trees to drainage. We will comb the area and include all findings in an easy to understand report. The report is very useful to your insurance company or if you are buying or selling your property.

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