Why you need more than just a valuation survey

Why you need more than just a valuation survey

In this article we discuss why you need more than just a valuation survey when moving or buying a home.

According to a recent This is Money article 4 out of 5 people don’t commission a full property survey before buying their new home. In the same article a case study describes a homeowner who was faced with a £30,000 repair bill for a dry rot problem that wasn’t picked up during a standard home valuation report.

How is a Full Survey Better?

Our full surveys are comprehensive. We look for specific defects that could threaten your investment. You will receive a full written report on all findings so that you can make an informed choice before signing on the dotted line.

Many people have used survey reports to re-negotiate the asking price or to pull out completely. The rest continue with their purchase with complete peace of mind.

Fortunately if you are reading this now, you are in a good position with your property purchase. We can carry out a full survey and uncover any hidden problems including dry rot, damp issues and subsidence. If the homeowner in the above article had of had a survey then she could have avoided the very unfortunate £30,000 repair bill.

How do I Find Out More?

You can call us on 07702 332 333 to book a survey in Northern Ireland. We carry out property surveys across NI including Belfast & Derry / Londonderry City.

Contact Us today and we will be happy to help.

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