Why Are My Walls / Ceiling Damp?

Why Are My Walls / Ceiling Damp?

On a regular basis, we are asked, “Why are my walls / ceiling damp?” Unfortunately it is near impossible to answer this over the phone. It is recommended to quickly find the source and rectify. Our surveyors are fully trained, and have the necessary experience to locate defects that lead to damp.

In Northern Ireland we find that condensation, penetrating and rising damp is fairly common.

What Is Condensation?

Condensation occurs on cold surfaces when water vapour from the air condenses on that surface and turns back into liquid. Water vapour is created by breathing, shower steam, cooking steam and baths.

Ventilation is the key to solving the majority of condensation issues. Extractor fans, heat recovery systems and PIV units are useful. Failing that a good old fashioned open window will work too.

What Is Penetrating Damp?

Another question we are often asked is “What is penetrating damp?” This is when water ingress occurs and leaks through walls. It then expands across ceilings or walls. Penetrating damp is usually caused bu faulty roof tiles, cracks in walls or internal water leaks.

You can stop penetrating damp by eliminating the source of entry. If you notice a broken gutter that should be replaced and sealed. Roof tiles should be inspected and watertight. Faulty pointing should be rectified. If all looks good with the building fabric then an internal leaking pipe should be considered.

Our team of property surveyors can carry out a full building survey to locate the issue. That’s not all we check! We carry out an extensive survey to give you peace of mind.

What Is Rising Damp?

Rising damp tends to be at ground level and moves upwards. Modern properties don’t usually have this problem due to effective damp proof course and the damp proof membrane under the floor. In older properties some builders had used other materials like slate for this purpose.

Rising damp can be costly to repair. It can also be common to confuse rising damp with a central heating or domestic water leak. This can travel up skirting boards and walls much like rising damp.

Call The Pro’s

Our professional team of property surveyors are always on hand to carry out extensive property surveys across Northern Ireland.

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