Things To Check On Completion Day

Things To Check On Completion Day

It feels good to complete on a house sale and get the keys to your new home.

When moving home it’s always a good idea to label rooms at the new property so the removal company (if using one) knows where to place everything safely. Some heavy items are best moved once!

Appliances should be checked and switched on. It’s a good idea to take meter readings for electric and gas or check any heating oil remaining in the tank. Use this time to check that all agreed fixtures and fittings have been left in place.

Spring Cleaning

You might want to give the house a clean before everything starts to arrive. Some people get family or friends to help as it is a good opportunity for them to visit your new property.

Keep an eye on the removal team as they may need guidance on the placement of items and you will want to make sure that nothing has been damaged in transit.

New Property Checklist

Check services, utilities and read meters.

Check the heating, electric, and take meter readings to make sure any bills are correct. You will want to ensure the hot water and heating works especially if you are moving in during the winter months.

Fixtures & Fittings

The previous homeowner normally leaves the agreed items and the essentials such as light bulbs. However check that agreed items such as appliances or larger fixtures remain in place as agreed or you may be entitled to take legal action.


When you are settled into your new home and enjoying the new surroundings you may want to finalise the paperwork that is part of the buying process.

Our top tip is to acquire a good filing cabinet. There is nothing better than having a good filing system where information can be accessed quickly when needed. Computers are good but sometimes having a paper backup is a good idea for many reasons, for example your computer may decide to play up or your hard drive can malfunction. Many related items are still posted in paper format anyway.

It is very important to make sure your new property is properly insured. Sometimes this is a requirement for a mortgage. Always keep your investment secured so you are protected should the worst happen.

Need A Building Survey?

Spotted something unnerving in your new property? You’re not alone, many people buy properties with hidden defects. According to research from LV insurance homeowners can spend thousands fixing hidden problems. See the article from Property Reporter here. If you see evidence of damp, rot or other structural or drainage issues we can help.

We are a team of professional Northern Ireland property surveyors who aim to get to you quickly. We carry out extensive home surveys and issue a plain English report that is easy to understand. This can help you remedy any defects or reduce the asking price on some occasions if you haven’t already completed.

Call Philip on 07702 332 333 to book a property survey today. We are always here to help.

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