The Importance of Allowing Your Home to Breathe
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The Importance of Allowing Your Home to Breathe

One thing many people don’t realise is that building fabric needs to breathe. Painting your property not only enhances its appearance but adds a layer of weather protection too.

Have I Used The Wrong Type of Paint?

Using the wrong type of paint can allow rainwater in to saturate the wall. It can also trap moisture within the wall so it can’t escape properly. It is particularly important to use the correct paint when covering lime based render.

Moisture Freezes & Causes Cracks

One thing to note is that moisture trapped withing brick or concrete walls can expand during winter weather and cause cracks and crumbling. During a buildings natural process “to breathe” can also mean the transfer of moisture from inside to the outside. This too can be hindered by the wrong type of paint adding to moisture related problems.

Building Surveyors in Northern Ireland

Of course the wrong type of paint isn’t the only reason your property may be facing damp problems. During one of our surveys we check for a long list of potential causes.

We detail our findings in a very easy to understand report written in plain English. You can then use this report as a basis for rectifying the issues. We always make recommendations where suitable to do so.

Contact Philip to book a property survey on 07702 332 333, we are always on hand to help!

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