Surveying The Walls

Surveying The Walls

Do you ever tap on a wall? We do it all the time. Tapping on a wall can tell you a lot. It can help tell you if the wall is structural or just a partition. We also measure the thickness of the wall to gain an understanding of the structure.

It’s good to look for any bulges or signs of cracking and movement. Cracks and movement can be related to other problem signs such as warped floors and ceilings. We have excellent experience in spotting related issues.

Water Ingress

Walls should be checked for signs of damp or blistering plaster or paint. A moisture meter is the tool for showing the percentage of moisture present (if any).

A moisture meter should only serve as a guide. Many readings are taken across walls to build up a picture of what is going on.

It’s All About The Detail

We want to give you complete peace of mind. Our comprehensive building surveys will check your entire property for any issues that could threaten your investment. Unfortunately some people have previously been caught out by buying property with hidden problems. Never rely solely on the mortgage report / survey. It is extremely inadequate.

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