Our Property Survey Provides Peace of Mind

Our Property Survey Provides Peace of Mind

Whats the best investment you have ever made. Some will say stocks and shares, some their dream home but what about the people who say a property survey? We have customers who will say just that!

Our professional surveyors can protect your investment when it comes to buying property. Previously people have been duped and bought defective properties with colossal unforeseen repair bills. Unfortunately in many cases there isn’t much they can do.

Previous & Historic Problems

Our surveys are very thorough. We check a long list of items to make sure you’re covered. Always get a full survey carried out before you sign for a property. Our surveys have been used to identify existing issues such as water leaks, subsidence and rot. This has meant the purchaser was able to re-negotiate the asking price to allow for repairs.

Historic Woodworm Issues

Northern Ireland weather is cold and damp the majority of the time. Houses are becoming better insulated but sometimes this creates other problems that can be solved. We see many cases of historic woodworm infestation in loft and floor timbers. We can tell if it has been successfully addressed or if more needs to be done. The trained eye can determine whether such problems are cause for concern or not.

The same goes for rot, damp and subsidence signs. You will receive a full report on all out findings that will shed light on the building blocks of your property. We think a property survey is a great investment. Always be clear about what you are buying and we can help you.

Book Your Property Survey Today

Our team of property surveyors are working across Northern Ireland. If you would like to book a building survey or need a report please contact us or call Philip on the number above. We are always happy to help and assist you with any queries.