Nuaire Drimaster Eco HC Review

Nuaire Drimaster Eco HC Review

It’s condensation season again! In our last post we talked about the widespread problem of condensation and mould across Northern Ireland and the UK as a whole. If you missed our last post you can find it by clicking here.

As promised we are now going to review the Nuaire Drimaster Eco HC. Nuaire is a British company who developed the PIV product. PIV stands for positive input ventilation. It uses filtered air from the loft and adds pressure to the home.

The Problem of Condensation & Mould

Our customer Ryan had a problem in his home with condensation. The 1990’s bungalow has been modernised and is now air tight and very well insulated. New uPVC windows, doors, cavity wall and loft insulation was installed. This has led to the problem of the home being rather air tight even though there are powerful extractor fans in the bathroom and kitchen island hood.

A Thermo Pro monitor was used to check the relative humidity and the reading was 67 – 70%. This is much too high for a home environment. For security reasons windows could not be left open through the day.

This high humidity led to black mould appearing on the ceiling and the windows being wet in the mornings especially when it was cold.

The Potential Solution

We recommend having a home survey if you discover unexplained damp in your home. We can check for leaking pipes or damp issues in case you have a wider issue.

However if everything is fine and humidity is high due to your modern home being air tight then read on…

After much research Ryan decided that the Nuaire Drimaster would help introduce clean filtered air into his home. This should disperse and drive out the stale moist air via natural leakage.

Our Verdict

It’s been 2 weeks since Ryan had the Nuaire Drimaster Eco HC installed. The bottom line is that it worked! The humidity has dropped from around 67% to between 48 – 54%.

The Reported Positives:

  1. No condensation in the house anymore, even on a freezing morning. Brilliant!
  2. The home feels more fresh and the air less heavy.
  3. The wood burning stove runs much better. More available air and positive pressure to aid chimney draw.
  4. Less draughts in the home. Pressure drives air outwards via natural leakage.
  5. Filtered fresh air coming into the home continuously.
  6. Very low energy usage. Lowest setting 1 uses only 1.6w of power. There are 6 speed settings.
  7. Easy to install.
  8. Changes to intelligent heat recovery mode in summer to pump heat into the home making use of solar gain.
  9. 7 year warranty for peace of mind.
  10. Filters very high grade and last 5 years. Cheap to replace.
  11. No more mould and harder for dust mites to breed.
  12. No security risks of opening windows.
  13. No need for trickle vents. So no noise pollution or holes in your efficient frames.

The Reported Negatives:

  1. Hallway is colder than before. There is a heater version but would make it more expensive to run. Although this is a small negative to have a fresh dry environment.
  2. Would need moved if there were to be a loft conversion. Again not a big problem.
  3. Some may say that the ceiling diffuser looks unsightly, although the newer model looks far better than the older model.

Review Summary

Ryan had tried all sorts of solutions to the mould and condensation problem. Opening windows, extractor fans and the list goes on. Nothing worked well.

Ryan installed a Nuaire Drimaster and it has completely removed all condensation from the home. He uses setting number 2 which inputs 20 litres of clean filtered air per second (according to the manual). All in all it has been a great addition to his modern efficient home!

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