News – The Dream Flat and a £20,000 Repair Bill

News – The Dream Flat and a £20,000 Repair Bill

The BBC recently reported a story similar to what others may have experienced when buying property. Giulia Trovato bought a new build flat in 2007 and was excited to get moved into her brand new home.

It was part of a Government shared ownership scheme that aims to help people onto the property ladder. It enabled the homeowner to purchase a 45% share of the 3 bed flat in East London. The remaining 55% was rented from the local housing association.

Black Mould & Damp

After about a year black mould and damp started to appear and the basement was flooded with waste water. The landlord (L&Q housing) arranged for repairs which took around 6 months to complete.

When the homeowner was moved back in she was presented with a £20,000 repair bill from L&Q. It was only then that she realised she was liable for the entire repair bill even though she only owned 45% of the property.

Shared Owners Liable for 100% Repair Bills

Shared owners are usually liable for 100% of repair costs even though they may own anything from 25% of their property. It is reported that the Government are currently looking at shared ownership repairs issues. New proposals suggest that housing associations could be liable for repair bills for the first 10 years for any new shared owners.

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