Is A Property Valuation A Survey?

Is A Property Valuation A Survey?

The Residential Property Surveyors Association has called for an investigation into the advice given to potential purchasers regarding valuation surveys. The RSPA wanted steps put in place to make sure anyone borrowing money to buy property are informed that valuation reports are carried out to benefit the lender and that they are not a full survey.

Only 20% Get A Condition Survey

It is estimated that only 1 in every 5 people actually book an appropriate property survey. It is thought that the remainder actually think they are getting a survey as part of the valuation. Most people think that a valuation report is a property survey.

There are many articles reporting the horror stories about the many problems discovered by homeowners after buying property. Costs can run into tens of thousands of pounds to put right. Many people could have avoided such problems if they had a full survey carried out before the property purchase.

According to Which, they say that people who get a property survey carried out can save around £2000 on average off the asking price.

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