How to Spot “Botched DIY” with a Building Survey

How to Spot “Botched DIY” with a Building Survey

Did you know that botched DIY typically costs the UK homeowner over £3000 to put right? According to a article the director of Lloyds Bank Mortages said that most homeowners will have a go and dabble with DIY, but warned the standard of workmanship needs to be kept in check.

Our Surveyors Help Protect Your Interests

Our surveyors are fully qualified property surveyors. We carry out an extensive home survey which looks at the structure, interior and exterior in detail. We can help uncover hidden issues or botched workmanship to help protect your investment.

House insurance normally doesn’t offer any protection for lack of maintenance or DIY disasters unless there is specific accidental damage cover in place. Many people are reluctant to claim for a job gone wrong, especially if the property is on the market to be sold.

Certain jobs should be left to the professionals, gas, oil heating and other plumbing / electrical tasks are best left to professionals due to the high number of accidents.

Top 10 Maintenance Jobs Outstanding Found by Surveyors

A GoCompare survey reports that the top 10 outstanding maintenance jobs in UK homes are:

  • Boiler Servicing
  • Repairing cracked walls
  • Painting interior & exterior
  • Damp issues
  • Boundary fences / walls damage.
  • Blocked drains / gutters
  • Damaged brickwork / mortar
  • Fitting smoke / carbon monoxide alarms
  • Replacing sealant around showers / baths
  • Renewing older electrical wiring

Your Local Northern Ireland Building Surveyor

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