House Survey Costs Northern Ireland

House Survey Costs Northern Ireland

Wanting to know the House Survey Costs when buying a house in Northern Ireland? When it comes to buying property here you should have a survey done. We regularly update our customers with the advantages of these surveys and how they can help stop you running into major problems when buying a home.

Why do I need a survey?

  • The survey will ensure you are paying a fair price for the property.
  • Any structural or other faults will be identified before you buy!

Home Survey Points to Remember

  • The Mortgage Valuation Survey is the most basic and can miss important things that may matter to you. It is merely to make sure that the lenders money is safe to be invested in the home you wish to buy.
  • You have a choice of survey. The main ones are: Mortgage Valuation Survey, Homebuyers Report or a building survey.
  • A homebuyers report goes into more detail. Our surveyors will carry out a more in-depth survey of the house. We will report on the general condition and identify any problems found with the structure. You will get a estimated re-build cost which is useful when taking out home insurance.
  • A Building Survey (structural survey) is much more detailed. Our property surveyors will document the house right from the attic to the lowest level. Any defects will be discovered and included within the official report. We will provide recommended actions on repairs and an approximate cost for the works. These surveys have been highly regarded by previous customers and in the long run will pay for itself.

House Survey Costs Northern Ireland

House Survey Costs, a rough guide of what we charge.

  • Mortgage Valuation Reports are usually decided and arranged by your mortgage lender. This report usually ranges from £130 – £300.
  • A Homebuyers Survey from us is excellent value from £375 – £475 we can tailor our quotation to suit you.
  • Finally a full Structural Report also ranges from £375 – £475 though depending on the size of property and other factors the quote may be higher. Contact Us to get a price, we always quote fairly. Contact us for a quotation for commercial premises.

Can You Cut Property Survey Costs

Building Surveys NI are very competitively priced. Mortgage Valuation Report costs are fixed by your lender. However for all other reports we can tailor a quotation for your property survey so feel free to contact us anytime!

Property surveys may sound expensive at first but we have saved our customers a fortune in identifying structural defects that the mortgage report would have missed. Some of our customers have been able to use our report to re-negotiate the purchase price of their property before buying.

Our prices include travel and are all inclusive.

Call Philip on 07702 332 333 today to inquire about our surveys.


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