Energy Efficiency Hints & Tips

Energy Efficiency Hints & Tips

Learn all of our main Energy Efficiency Hints & Tips in this weeks article. We are Northern Ireland based property surveyors. We carry our building surveys for domestic and commercial premises across the country. We are fully qualified and are available for insurance and public sector projects.

Boiling The Kettle

When boiling the kettle, only fill it with enough water to cover the amount of cups of tea or coffee you are making. Some modern kettles can dispense boiling water instantly which guarantees that you only use as much as you need. A kettle uses a lot of electricity so the less water in it the quicker it will boil.

Boiler Thermostatic Control

Oil central heating is still very popular in Northern Ireland. Most of these boilers have a thermostatic dial inside the boiler hut. It is a good idea to turn this down. This will mean the boiler will reduce the water temperature and burn less oil. Most people that turn it down a little don’t notice the difference. It’s worth experimenting by turning it down as much as possible but making sure it still heats the radiators enough. If not turn it up a little at a time until you find your perfect setting.

Of course with a condensing oil boiler the differential in the flow and return temperatures need to be roughly 20 degrees for the condensing to work properly. Get a professional to help you with a condensing boiler.

Tumble Drying & Laundry

It has to be said that I am certainly guilty of this! Using the tumble drier instead of the washing line.

It used to be that a tumble dryer with a C energy efficiency rating would consume around 2KW/h which is quite a bit of energy. However now you can buy a heat pump tumble drier which used between 600 – 800 watts / h. This is a significant saving. They take longer to dry clothes but are much more gentle as they operate at a much lower temperature. At the time of writing they take around 3 hours to dry a large load of clothes.

If you are lucky enough to have solar panels then the heat pump tumble drier is much better placed to be used for FREE during our Northern Ireland daylight hours.

Solar Panels Installation

The UK government are still offering generous subsidies for renewable solar energy. Photo Voltaic or PV solar panels are excellent. Many homes in Northern Ireland have a 4KW system consisting of 16 x 250 watt panels on their roof. Our typical Northern Irish weather is rather unpredictable so it is common that they will only be providing half capacity on a cloudy day. However such a system costs around £5000 but they are well worth it. A solar i boost can then be installed to divert any unused energy into your immersion heater. For example if your home is consuming 800 watts and the panels are producing 2400 watts then the 1600 watts will be dumped into your immersion via a solar i boost. A great way of always having free hot water and saving money and fossil fuels.

LED Lighting

LED and SMD lighting is saving millions of kilowatt hours across the globe. LED’s (Light Emitting Diodes) have come on leaps and bounds in the past 5 years. Remember when everyone had the old 500 watt halogen floodlights in their back garden? (Hopefully you still aren’t using them). They can now be replaced by 30 watt LED versions costing around £25 each! Couldn’t be bad to that.

To put it into perspective, if you replace the 500 watt halogen floodlight with a 30 watt LED then you could run just over 16 30 watt LED floodlights for the same price of electricity. Very big savings to be made with LED lighting.

LED lights are available to replace all standard, florescent and older style CFL bulbs.

Hopefully you found our Energy Efficiency Hints & Tips interesting. Keep an eye out for more articles like this one coming soon.

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