Drains, Gutters & Damp

Drains, Gutters & Damp

Drains, gutters and damp can be related. Buildings that have signs of internal damp are often caused by unmaintained guttering or drainage.

A building can suffer issues from rising damp, penetrating damp and condensation from inside the home.

Can I Fix Damp Myself?

Absolutely! If you are competent and know what exactly is causing it. However if you are unsure about anything, it may not be a good idea to attempt DIY repairs. A blocked gutter that is causing issues for example is a simple matter of clearing the blockage and allowing rainwater to drain away as it should.

What Does Penetrating Damp Look Like?

Penetrating damp usually has a certain appearance. We carry out building surveys across Northern Ireland and often see blotchy wet patches on walls, crumbling plaster, drips and circles of damp on walls or ceilings. There may also be spores or mildew present.

This particular type of damp can spread and cause a lot of damage to the building fabric. Penetrating damp can be more difficult to repair and is usually carried out by a builder or specialist.

What About Condensation?

Condensation is a common issue. Buildings are now so air tight that moist air gets trapped inside. This moisture condenses on cold surfaces and causes damp. This is easy to remedy by simply creating ventilation and using extractor fans when showering or bathing. Extractor fans should also be used when cooking. Cold ceilings and walls should be properly insulated.

Rising Damp

Rising damp can look like a dark wave along the bottom of the walls or just above the skirting boards. This can be caused by a burst domestic water or heating pipe under the floor. It can also be caused by other factors such as a damaged damp proof course or other building issue. Again a specialist is best to look into this form of damp due to the (sometimes) complicated cause.

Building Surveys NI

We carry out detailed building surveys in Northern Ireland. We look for a whole range of problems, see our page here for more information. If you would like to call us contact Philip on 07702 332 333 and we will be happy to help.

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