Double Glazing vs Triple Glazing?

Double Glazing vs Triple Glazing?

Reducing heat loss from your home should come high up the list of priorities. Many homes in Northern Ireland use oil and gas central heating. These fossil fuels are not going to be around forever and will eventually run out. There is really only one way the price for these can go, and it’s not down.

Improving Energy Efficiency

Sorry for sounding a little “doom and gloom”. But fear not, there are many steps for improving energy efficiency in your home and business premises.

Double & Triple Glazing windows are just one small way of keeping the house warm and in turn saving money due to less demand on the central heating.

Double Glazing

When double glazing first arrived on the market, lets face it. It wasn’t that good when compared to today’s standards. Double glazing is 2 panes of glass with a gas filled gap in between. The gas is commonly argon which has a lower thermal conductivity than just air.

Modern double glazing has an energy efficiency measured as a U-value. The lower the U-value the better or more energy efficient. Note that the aluminium space bar between the two panes is old school. The newer units come with a “warm edge spacer” a thermally optimised spacer that has low conductivity. This also limits condensation around the edges of the glass especially in winter.

Single glazed windows have a U-value of around 5 (rather high). The first types of double glazing had around 2.8-3 U-value (Still high). Modern double glazed units have a U-value of around 1.6. This could still be better due to the fact that a wall has a U-value of around 0.3.

 Triple Glazing

As the name suggests. Triple glazing is 3 panes of glass with a void in-between much like double glazing. Again there are warm edge spacers between the panes. Research suggests that triple glazing reduces noise from the outside and increases the thermal performance of the home. In other words it will allow for a lower U-value. A triple glazing unit can have a U-value of around 0.8 which is good.

Does Triple Glazing Pay For Itself?

Ah no, not exactly! In our opinion Triple Glazing does not pay for itself in savings. It is more expensive than double glazing and does not return a low enough U-value that would lead to enough savings. However in many cases triple glazing is still a great idea. If you are getting new windows anyway then why not find out how much extra it would be for triple glazed units.

Do your research! Some forums report that in certain cases triple glazing is not as effective do to reduced solar gain from the sun.

Triple glazing won’t pay for itself but double glazing doesn’t really pay for itself either if you take into account the lifespan of the units. However that is not to say that you shouldn’t get it. Double glazing is great.

Building Surveys NI

Glazing is just one aspect of your home that you will consider when reducing your energy bills. Did you know that we carry out EPC Energy Performance Certificates and other building surveys across Northern Ireland.

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