Does a Building Survey Help Reduce Flooding?

Does a Building Survey Help Reduce Flooding?

Flooding is happening more often these days. Many state that climate change is a contributing factor so (in theory) the problem is only going to get worse. But does a building survey help reduce flooding?

The most serious cases of flooding appear to be in the north of England. With a months worth of rain falling in just a 24 hour period last November it is plain to see why this devastating flooding occurs.

In Northern Ireland we get our fair share of rain and flooding. According to the BBC it cost around £30 million to cleanup damage from floods in the North West in August 2018. £12.5m was spent in Counties Londonderry and Tyrone by the DFI (Department for Infrastructure). And the Damage extended across the border into the Republic of Ireland costing the Irish Government €20m.

Spiraling Cleanup Costs

Businesses and domestic households face huge costs and inconvenience from flooding when it occurs. Many insurance policy premiums shoot up after cases and remain high. When purchasing a new home it is a good idea to ask your solicitor to conduct a flood search to discover any previous flooding history.

A building survey can also help by checking for a wide range of defects that could threaten your investment. Flooding is not the only issue you should consider. For complete peace of mind, give our friendly team a call to discuss a property survey in Northern Ireland. Call Philip on 07702 332 333 or contact us. Checkout what we offer here.

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