Checking Your Gutters

Checking Your Gutters

Checking Your Gutters is crucial. Gutters safely remove rainwater from the structure of your home. Over time they will inevitably start to fill up with dirt, grit and leaves.

Gutters may become blocked with debris and start to overflow. Over time the rubber seals tend to degrade and become brittle. It is common in terraced properties for leaks to occur at the joins, especially if your neighbor has a different profile than you.

Thankfully these minor problems are easy to repair and are usually D.I.Y. Using a ladder for access, dirt and debris can easily be removed and gutters restored to their former glory. This is easy for those in a bungalow, however it is always recommended to get a roofing specialist in to do this for you. They will usually be trained or have extensive experience in working at heights safely.

Leaking Gutters

“Isn’t it lovely, the sound of rain splashing on the ground?” This is true but if your gutters have started to overflow this is bad news. Checking Your Gutters is important because an overflowing gutter will cause water to run down the face of the external wall. This will eventually penetrate and cause damp inside your home.
If you think that’s bad, it will also saturate the timbers of the soffit and facia. Even if you have uPVC it is commonly fixed to timber behind this. Internal damp, mould and rot are the things to watch out for here.

Checking Your Gutters

Gutters tend to slowly block over time. Leaves will decay and this creates the ideal environment for plants to grow. Not only do birds try to penetrate and nest in your roof but they can drop seeds into your gutter which can start to grow. We have surveyed properties in Northern Ireland where there was a tree around 1 meter tall growing out of an old damp property. The roots had taken hold to the structure. This is very dangerous.

Happy Gutter Tips

Keeping you gutters happy will keep your home happy. In Northern Ireland we get a lot of rain. It is good to check the seals and joins in the gutters when it is raining. Make sure there are no leaks or that it is not overflowing. Make sure that the spout is secure to the wall and that the waste water is going into the gully properly. We have found many damp issues where the water at the bottoms is simply spilling into the garden.

ACE Building Surveyors will check your gutters and drainage as part of our surveys. We can recommend the necessary repairs required to keep your home weather proof for years to come!

Call Philip on 07702 332 333 to book a full home survey. We are fully trained and qualified property surveyors so you have complete peace of mind!

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