Can I Plant Trees Anywhere in My Garden?

Can I Plant Trees Anywhere in My Garden?

Trees are a very important part of any garden. Trust us, even the tiniest of gardens can accommodate a tree if designed correctly. But can you just plant a tree anywhere?

You don’t need to get permission to plant trees but you should be careful as to where you plant one. Not only that, you should choose the species wisely. Planting a large growing oak tree beside your house might be asking for trouble.

Whats The Big Deal Anyway?

It’s true most trees reside near buildings causing absolutely no problem at all. In other cases there can be pretty serious subsidence and structural issues caused by the roots of trees. Planting a tree around 5m away from buildings is better than planting one beside your front door.

For more information on where to plant trees, you can visit the Woodland Trust’s blog post here.

What About The Clay?

Northern Ireland is full of clay soil. Tree roots suck the moisture out of clay and this can lead to subsidence in certain instances. Chalky type soil tends to be more stable.

If in doubt or in the event you have limited space then you can always plant trees in containers. If done right they will thrive very well. Check out this post from the Royal Horticultural Society guide here.

Need A Building Surveyor?

Worried about tree roots, subsidence or drainage issues? Contact Philip on 07702 332 333 today to book a property survey. We don’t just cover one item. Our survey will look at all the potential threats to your building. You don’t need to put your financial investment at risk, let us help you prove that the property is safe and fit for purpose. The peace of mind is worth it.

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