Autumn Tip – Clean Moss From Your Roof

Autumn Tip – Clean Moss From Your Roof

Now that the colder weather is coming, you should take a moment to inspect the exterior of your home before winter. It is common in Northern Ireland to see moss growing in unwanted areas such as your roof.

Why would anyone bother to remove moss, Sure what harm can this soft plant do?

Stops Rain Getting Away

Moss can trap and hold water, and in some cases slow down or stop the rain flowing down the roof properly. In periods of very heavy rain the water can back up, and get blown under the tiles or slates. This can wet the timbers but removing the moss can prevent this and help the water travel into the gutter quickly.

Moss Retains Water & Is Heavy

Moss is like a sponge and is heavy. This adds extra weight to your roof. Thankfully modern roofs are designed with this in mind but on older houses, extra weight is not wanted. It can contribute to movement and distortion on weaker frames.

Moss Holds Water

We said that moss is like a sponge that holds water. Roofing materials are waterproof but not designed to be wet and damp all the time. Moss helps keep your tiles and slates damp all the time which causes premature failure. As time goes by they become porous and degrade more quickly.

Moss Helps Tile to Crack

Did you know that wet moss can freeze in cold weather? The water then expands and causes cracks. Water finds its way into the smallest of hairline cracks. Hairline cracks can quickly turn into broken tiles.

Moss Clogs Your Gutters

We all like rainwater to run off quickly and enter the drainage system. Moss can break off and clog gutters and downspouts. When this happens it causes water to back up. This can be blown under tiles and into soffits during heavy downpours causing many issues.

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