An Experienced Building Surveyor Pays Off

An Experienced Building Surveyor Pays Off

We survey property across Northern Ireland. People often ask how we “know” that a building is in a good state of repair whenever we can’t see all places such as within cavities and under floors.

Qualified Building Surveyors

We are fully qualified building surveyors. But that’s only part of it. It’s our extensive experience and interest in building technology that helps ensure we can properly identify all defects with precision.

Knowledge and Experience

Our surveyors use their knowledge and experience as well as all the modern tools to locate property defects. It can take a multitude of information to properly diagnose serious issues such as subsidence. Many surveyors know that certain sizes of cracks in walls can indicate possible subsidence.
We know from experience that it isn’t as simple as that. For example cracks that appear suddenly or over a short period may need to be taken seriously even if they are not larger than 5mm.

This is one of the many reasons why an experienced building surveyor pays off!

Northern Ireland Property Surveys

We carry out extensive building surveys in Northern Ireland. Our skill and experience will ensure that you have the full detail about the property. We use our judgement on the extent of any issues found and offer advice on remedial steps. This can enable you to renegotiate a purchase price or make repairs sooner rather than later.

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