Subsidence Caused by Trees

Subsidence Caused by Trees

Homes Under the Hammer has taught us that it is no longer fashionable to own a fluorescent pink bathroom suite. Although for this blog post, what the show has taught us about subsidence is of much more interest.

What is Subsidence?

So what is subsidence? Subsidence occurs when your property sinks into the ground. It is very common for subsidence to occur when clay soil is involved. Clay soil holds quite a bit of moisture but during very dry periods it can contract and cause subsidence.

Trees can accelerate the problem by sucking up moisture from the soil during these already dry periods.

What Effect Do Trees Have?

Many things can lead to subsidence. Things like overflowing drains, floods and tree roots. It is very common to see subsidence where there are trees close to the property.

Tree roots spread and are always in search of water and nutrients. Usually larger trees are more of a problem when planted near your home. If allowed to grow very big with lots of leaves then the more moisture they will remove from the soil.

While trees bring structure and beauty to our gardens they can cause subsidence if they are planted and maintained appropriately. Although don’t worry, you should still be out planting trees, they are a must in a garden. Just keep them a good distance from the house. You can also plant a tree suitable for your space. There are many smaller trees in the garden centre that will not cause problems.

Know the Signs of Subsidence

So you are out watering the plants and notice a huge crack zigzagging up the bricks at the foot of the property. Actually the signs of subsidence are less dramatic. They appear as cracks and uneven ground.

Subsidence cracks can spread quickly and get progressively worse as time goes by. The cracks usually appear inside and outside the property. It is very common to notice these around exterior doors and windows. The square frame make any movement easy to see. You may also notice that windows and doors will no longer open and close easily and in some serious cases they may not open or close at all.

Subsidence Surveys Northern Ireland

We carry out subsidence surveys Northern Ireland wide. Thankfully many of us are covered under our home buildings insurance for subsidence. If you would like a survey to confirm subsidence then please call Philip on 07702 332 333 for a quotation.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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