Japanese Knotweed Problems

Japanese Knotweed Problems

Originating in Asia Japanese Knotweed or (Fallopia japonica) problems are common in the Northern Ireland.

Japanese Knotweed is an invasive plant that causes considerable disruption and damage if not dealt with quickly. You will be doing well to sell your property if you have Japanese Knotweed in your garden.

There is such a thing called a KMP (Knotweed Management Plan). Sounds a bit overkill but many mortgage lenders will insist you have one before lending against any affected property. This plant can seriously devalue your property.

Japanese Knotweed Problems

So whats all the fuss about? Well Japanese Knotweed can damage brickwork, sewage and drains, cavity walls, concrete, driveways and fencing. Japanese Knotweed will grow through weak points in concrete and brickwork in its search for light. This is what causes the damage.

It can disrupt storm drains and waterways, sometimes causing blockages and floods. You should never build foundations on top of Japanese Knotweed. It can easily spread many metres under ground and can spring up within your property.

Japanese Knotweed will not only damage the structure of your home but will cause problems with mortgage approvals and the house value. The stems can grow horizontally under the property to around 7-8 m. Then off-shoots can take hold and cause it spread rapidly. For more info on Japanese Knotweed, see the Royal Horticultural info page here.

If you have Japanese Knotweed at your property, you need to be careful that it does not grow into your neighbors grounds. There have been legal issues with this in the UK in the past.

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