How to Check for Drainage Problems

How to Check for Drainage Problems

If you want to know how to check for drainage problems, we will help you in this post.

Northern Ireland gets it’s fair share of rain and stormy weather. It is important that the rain ends up in the gutter. Rain can cause a multitude of problems to a property and causes many damp issues.

So what are the signs of drainage problems?

Check Your Guttering

You should clean gutters at least once annually. A build up of moss or other debris will cause gutters to block and overflow. This can lead to water entry to the soffits and exterior walls. Damp may appear on the inside of the property.

Gathering Water or Puddles

Water gathering in the garden can be a sign of drainage problems. Any surface water should drain relatively quickly after any rain.

Any paving should slope away from the property. Sometime older paving can move and encourage pooling at the base of the home.

Cracks in the Foundations

Foundation problems and subsidence can be caused by poor drainage. Excess water can damage foundations which may be structural or non-structural. Excess water should be dealt with as soon as possible to limit any damage.

Stains & Efflorescence

Efflorescence occurs when water evaporates and leave salt deposits behind. It indicates the presence of water and can sometime mean poor drainage.

Stains are another indication of drainage issues. If you notice stains externally or internally especially where you have a blocked drain, you should have it resolves as soon as possible.

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