Building Surveys Belfast

Building Surveys Belfast

Building surveys Belfast is a service we offer to you, the homeowner in Northern Ireland. Don’t be caught out by any hidden property defects. We like shining the light on such defects so that you end up knowing everything about a properties condition before you buy.

Building Surveys Belfast Typical Defects Found

We all want to buy our dream home for our family but across Belfast we have discovered some properties in pretty bad condition, especially the older homes.

We would find many of the common defects. The good news is that when we supply you with the report (before you commit to buy) then you may be in a good position to re-negotiate the asking price by taking into account the cost of repairing the problem.

Common Defects in Belfast Property

Philip Hobson is a qualified property surveyor and has come across both minor and serious building defects in his time. Here is a list of what Philip might find in a typical week as a Building Surveyor in Northern Ireland.

Drains & Drainage Problems

Drains are supposed to “drain” water not overflow or leak. Overflowing and badly designed drainage is a common problems that leads to damage to foundations. Many movement problems are caused by faulty or leaking drains. It can be caused by many reasons such as tree roots, blockages or even wear and tear damage to pipes.

Lintels and Beams

Believe it or not we come across beams that are made out of wood. Of-course after all these years they may be rotting (Wet rot – Dry rot). ┬áNot a good idea. Although sometimes we come across lintels that may not be suitable for the load they carry. Lintel problems can usually become apparent by crack above doors and windows.

Insects & Rodents

Insects such as wood beetle can bore tiny holes in structural timbers. This should be treated as soon as possible. Other electrical faults have occurred by rodents eating cables in roof and service spaces. Woodworm has been found in many Belfast properties.

Roofing Problems

The fact that we don’t pay much attention to our roof until there is need to makes for a potential dangerous problem. Usually damage is caused before we spring into action. We always recommend regular roof inspection to catch any problems before they get bigger. The sooner caught, the cheaper it is to repair.

Due to the nature of rain and wind in Belfast we have seen damp on walls below the loft sometimes caused by rain entry. This can be caused by many issues such as missing tiles, poor felt or in some causes no felt at all. You always get the report of our findings to help you get any problem sorted.

Subsidence & Foundation Movement

As you might have seen on Homes Under the Hammer. The common complaint always seems to subsidence or movement of foundations. This is caused by many factors such as them not being deep enough, floods, drainage problems and root damage. If caught nice and early, the founds can be underpinned and supported to stop further movement.

The Common Problems

During our property surveys across Belfast we always come across the most common defects. They are wet and dry rot, penetrating and rising damp and condensation. These tend to very common and our survey report will detail what was found to help you with a solution.

If you want more information on these common defects then you can visit our common defects article on our website here.

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