If you are looking for building surveyors in Northern Ireland then we welcome you to our property surveyors website. ACE Building Surveys NI are a team of property surveyors. We have offices in Belfast and Coleraine and can quickly come to you for all your survey requirements.

Building Surveys NI

Building Surveyors Northern IrelandThese are detailed surveys. They are also known as structural surveys or full surveys. As the name suggests, this survey will give you an excellent view of the condition of your building in Northern Ireland. It is always highly recommended to have a survey carried out before renovation work or major alterations.

Our detailed building survey report can sometimes be around 20 pages long. This will provide you with sufficient information to make a decision on your potential purchase or already owned building, if you wish to adapt it. For older properties in Northern Ireland these surveys are almost always essential to discover any major problems before a sale or adaption.

Not only does this survey cover all of the major details. It also covers all of the less significant problems that are present. You are in safe hands as our team are fully qualified professional building surveyors.

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Homebuyer Surveys NI

Our homebuyer surveys are by far the most popular property surveys in Northern Ireland. We carry out many of these surveys from our Belfast & Coleraine offices. It is a survey that covers the property inside and outside. The report that is drawn up uses a simplified traffic light system to give each finding a rating. This lets you know if anything requires attention or not.

Our Homebuyer report covers significant problems that may affect the value of the house. It protects you as the buyer and the lender to make sure the value being payed matches the condition of the property. It also alerts you to any future maintenance works that may need to be carried out on the property. Many of our customers have used these to re-negotiate an asking price!

A homebuyer report is usually not carried out on older property build in the 1800’s.

Tailored Survey Services NI

ACE Building Surveys NI can tailor a survey to suit your needs and budget. So why not rip up the rule book and make your own rules! If you would prefer us to check a certain selection of features of the property or you want to give us a custom list of checks to carry out then certainly we are happy to accommodate you.

Some other local services we can offer in Northern Ireland:

  • Valuation Report.
  • EPC (Energy Performance Certificates).
  • Property Condition Reports.
  • Older Property Surveys.
  • Structural Reports.
  • Asbestos Surveys.
  • Custom Surveys to suit you!

For more information on our surveys types and their uses please see our building survey types article.

If you would like to book us for a survey or simply want to ask us a few questions first then please do not hesitate to call Philip on 07702 332 333