Building Survey Types

There are many Building Survey Types and the everyday home buyer can become confused so we have compiled this list of typical surveys and we will explain each one.

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Mortgage Valuation Survey (Report)

A Mortgage Valuation Report is carried out on behalf of the lender in order to make sure that the property you are buying is sound enough for the lender to make a mortgage offer. Often this is described as a basic survey and you are charged for the mortgage valuation report as part of your mortgage application.

The surveyor will spend around 20 minutes answering questions on a building-survey-damp“tick box style” form which tells the bank if the property is worthy of a mortgage. A mortgage valuation survey does not answer questions that may be important to you and does not generally tell you the condition of your property.

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HomeBuyer Survey

A homebuyer survey is generally a popular option for savvy purchasers that wish to have a more in-depth property survey carried out. It will detail the condition of the property such as the roofing, walls, windows, electrics, heating and flooring. Usually a building surveyor will provide photographs and identify anything needing remedial action. This report is carried out daily on properties in Northern Ireland and is usually recommended by a solicitor to protect your interests.

Building Condition Report

The building condition report offers you more information than the mortgage valuation report but less information than the home buyer survey. It is prepared for you and not the lender. It provides a brief condition of the property and grades the condition using a “traffic light system” to highlight areas of concern.

Usually the condition report does not include a valuation of the property.

Standard Building Survey

Our standard building survey is also known as a structural survey. It is much more detailed than the home buyer report. It is common to have these carried out on older properties or properties with a history of problems or properties of non-standard construction.

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Private Valuation Survey

A private valuation survey is tailored to your specific purpose. Contact us to discuss your needs and we would be happy to assist you.

energy-performance-ni-epcEnergy Performance Certificates

An (EPC) Energy Performance Certificate is a compulsory report for rented and marketed for sale properties in Northern Ireland. It provides information on the energy efficiency of the property but more importantly how more energy efficient it could be if some upgrading measures were carried out. It also details the environmental impact that the property has on the environment.